The mission of QBICO is to provide the managerial staff of our customers with instruments that permit them to convert data into knowledge.

When developing our projects, we strive for the maximum usability of the final solution, making it business-oriented and intuitive.

See Demo of our TOA tools.

Contact us if:
You want to control all your franchisees from one system.
You want to see, that the key performance indicators are not the goal, but the key to achieving the goal.
IT convinces You that reports performing up longer than an hour is standard.
Instead of problematic BI solutions you prefer to solve the problems of business users.
You need an independent audit of BI system, which doesn't work as it should.
You prefer to control costs, than expensive implementations.

We offer help at every stage of the BI systems life: from the analysis of requirements, to the maintain and stress tests.

We are Silver Partner of Microsoft in the area of Data Analytics i Data Platform.