Qbico is an official Tableau partner

QBICO is an oficial sales - implementation Partner of the OLAP in Memory leader, denominated Tableau. 

Find out how Gartner positioned Tableau comparing with other OLAP In Memory providers


Tableau’s rapid-fire business intelligence software lets everyone in your organization analyze and understand their data far faster than any other solution and at a fraction of their costs and resources.

People see and understand data, reports and dashboards faster through our unique, easy-to-use visual analytics technology. They discover key trends and outliers that would otherwise be impossible to find using typical business intelligence solutions. Because they’re in the driver’s seat, they work 10 to 100 times faster with Tableau. They can share web-based dashboards, reports and graphics with a few clicks. The result of Tableau’s rapid-fire, interactive business intelligence? Better decisions made faster. New opportunities identified. Revenue increased. Costs saved. Company value improved.

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People connect to nearly any data source in minutes, whether it’s an enterprise data warehouse, data mart or spreadsheet. Or they can extract data into our in-memory data engine and get fast response times on files of 10 million, 100 million or even 1 billion records. They analyze any data of any size using an easy drag-and-drop interface requiring little to no training.

Key capabilities include: 
- Web-based analytics in minutes, not days
- Multi-dimensional insights into your business
- Geographic visibility with one-click analytical map creation
- In-memory data engine makes your slow databases and files super speedy - Compelling presentations for internal and external meetings
- Collaboration and sharing through web deployment
- Embedded interactive visualizations into applications
- Plugs into your existing IT infrastructure — fast and easy deployment, low maintenance, low total cost of ownership

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