Tableau Tips & Tricks - Sign In Failed

Tableau Server: Error sign in failed?
Check if postgresql is running.

 The failure during signing in can be a symptom of many problems.
A few of them all explained in tablea knowledge base. For example:


If you are looking for the reason, please include to your checklist postgresql connectivity problem.
To confirm this issue just type the following command to change your password:
tabadmin your_youser passswd
If you obtain an error message similar to the following one:
The driver encountered an unknown error: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException
: Connection to localhost:8060 refused. Check that the hostname and port are cor
rect and that the postmaster is accepting TCP/IP connections.


It is almost sure that the postgresql database is not available (please check firewall settings, verify the host name and the port number).

Just remember that you can run manually postgresql database with the following command:
TableauServerHOME\10.0\pgsql\bin\pg_ctl.exe" start -D " TableauServerHOME \data\tabsvc\pgsql\data\"

If you are interested in finding out what is the role of postgresql in Tableau Server eco system, just visit the page: