Accounts automation

Accounts automation  is a kind of optimization that allows to settle accounts without the need to engage human resources or to create manual periodic reports burdened with the risk of human error thanks to the optimization of systems and applications.


An example of accounts automation is that our application connects with the client’s source system and is based on data saved in a relative data base. It automatically generates accounting documents in the ERP system as well as detailed worksheets from the reported server through API Reporting Services. Documents and reports created this way are also distributed automatically, thanks to which we have the possibility to carry out the automation of the entire accounts clearance process.

Advantages of automatic accounts


Savings both in terms of our client’s human and financial resources are among the obvious advantages of the implementation of accounts automation. Thanks to such a solution, employees no longer have to manually prepare time-consuming reports, which at the same time eliminates the risk of human error.

Solutions of this type significantly increase the control over the entire accounts process, and the created common data repository becomes the source of truth for business users and enables the optimization of financial processes within the organization.

Frequently asked questions

Our projects are carried out in accordance with the methodology of agile project management. This is why, our first step is always an on-line conversation or meeting with the client, during which we have the opportunity to learn more about the project and the challenges. Then we propose an optimal solution with a quote, and start our cooperation. We work in 1-2-week sprints and you only pay for real time and resources used in your project.

The technologies we use include Microsoft SQL Server, Reporting Services and QBICO copyright solutions proprietary developed in C#.

It is difficult to give a clear response to this question, because it depends on the scope of the project, the volume of the data and the complexity of the problems to solve. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the implementation of accounts automation allows you to save both human and financial resources, which is why in most cases it is a profitable solution.

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