Data migration

Data migration is the transfer of data from one source system or database to a target system, that allows expected business objectives to be achieved.


The process requires moving data without losing its consistency, completeness, hierarchy and relationships between particular elements or objects.

Make sure your data is safe during the migration


OIn the 21st century, the protection of data has become even more important than before. This problem also concerns the migration process which hold a risk of losing access, integrity and the confidentiality of data. This is especially important when it comes to company assets, but also the prevailing laws pertaining to data security.

This is why, during the migration process, such elements as security copies or system continuity should be taken into consideration. Thanks to our support, clients can migrate data in a controlled and safe way with the assistance of our experts and without the risk of losing data or breaching the law.

Expert support


If you want to migrate data in a controlled way, use the support of QBICO specialists. Our experts, based on their competences and long-standing experience in working with data, will help your company go through this process, drawing attention to such important elements as: the accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of transferred data.


Frequently asked questions

To assess the costs of the migration we need to take environmental matters into consideration as well as communication and resources without limitation. This is particularly important during the cloud migration, because the costs of the infrastructure provided by the service provider are scalable according to exploited resources used by the software (such as disc space, transfer, computing power, connections). In many cases, some additional costs connected with, e.g. Bandwidth or API references, need to be taken into consideration. To get a precise quote, contact us using the contact form.

Yes, it is – this can be proven by the fact that QBICO has worked with clients from many industries, including: public sector and multinationals, and our infrastructure is based on components from renowned hosting and cloud providers having numerous safety certificates.

The limitations of the data migration depends on the fact if we migrate data to another place, system or base in the local infrastructure or to a cloud. Other limitations may include: architecture and its security protections, space and computing power. When it comes to cloud-based solutions, there are fewer limitations related to scalability, thanks to the flexible approach of providers.

To correctly implement the migration of data, you need to determine its scale and infrastructure elements. It is also relevant to point to all areas of the company from which the data will be used to power new systems. Our consultants will help you answer this question.

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