Data anonymization – the process that allows to transfer personal data in such a way to make it impossible to associate an individual personal or material information with a particular or identifiable natural person.


Anonymization allows you to permanently remove connections between personal data and data subjects. This way, the information that was personal before the anonymization ceases to be personal data. This process can also be carried out for categories of data other than personal data – one of the sample applications may be the import of anonymized production data to the test environment in order to reproduce the actual data during software tests, while ensuring an appropriate level of security and confidentiality.

Protect your data


In the 21st century, data has become one of the most important assets in enterprises, and therefore the area of its protection is becoming more and more relevant – both for managers and specialists in risk management and security. The dynamically changing legal system and new obligations in the field of data protection resulting from them are also behind these changes.

The category of data that requires special attention is personal data. Penalties for breaches of personal data security, in accordance with the GDPR, can amount to EUR 20,000,000, or up to 4% of the annual global turnover of an enterprise, so it is worth securing these assets in an appropriate way to effectively prevent incidents.

ZORRO software and data anonymization


The ZORRO system is one of the copyright products available at QBICO. It is software made for Data Protection Officers and teams dealing with keeping personal data and their protection. The aim of this tools is to enlarge control over all areas of processing and to allow for the automation of relevant processes. One of the functionalities of the system is data anonymization. You can learn more about this solution and possibilities offered by ZORRO on the dedicated product website:

Frequently asked questions

Anonymization can be performed on any data indicated by the client, which is located in specific files, systems and databases. These may be, e.g., categories of data related to the protection of personal data, such as first and last names, personal identification numbers and other data allowing for the identification of data subjects. The anonymization may also consider data transferred from particular systems to a test environment, for the purpose of preventing breaches in security. These are only sample uses of anonymization. For more information, please contact us.

In this case, it is also difficult to give a clear response, because this depends on the scale of the enterprise, the amount of data to be anonymized and the degree of difficulty of the project implementation. For more information, please send us an inquiry via the contact form below.

Although anonymization is one of the functionalities within the ZORRO system in the Enterprise version, having this system is not a necessary requirement. It is therefore possible to carry out an anonymization process with a specific scope at the request of the client, also outside of the ZORRO system.

It is difficult to give a clear response to this question, because this depends on many factors, such as the amount of data to be anonymized, whether the data must be identified by us or will be specifically indicated by the ordering party, and in what place, system or database this data is located. In order to obtain a detailed quote, please send an inquiry.

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