Power BI Multi-tenant

Companies often encounter the problem of sharing Power BI reports with people outside their organization, such as suppliers, customers, or business partners.

Working with reports using the cloud version of Power BI – Power BI Service – requires assigning a PBI license to each person, which can generate significant costs, especially when there are many people outside the organization.

Moreover, the company’s security policy may prevent granting guest access to people outside the organization, and creating separate reports for internal and external people generates additional workload and the need to reconcile data.

Power BI Multitenant: QBICO’s Solution for Your Company

Our solution to these challenges is the Power BI Multitenant system. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we are able to implement such a solution in any company.

Power BI Multitenant, based on Microsoft technology – Power BI Embedded, allows companies to securely share data with their customers, business partners or suppliers, without the need to purchase additional Power BI licenses and create new reports.


The Power BI Multitenant service allows sharing dashboards with entities outside the organization using our .NET application operating in SSAS mode.

Sales Model

QBICO offers Power BI Multitenant as a service for a monthly fee, which consists of:


  • License fee for QBICO (per user monthly)
  • One-time activation fee
  • Consultant support hours during implementation (installation, training, development of new features)
  • Optional hosting costs and Power BI Embedded service, if they are incurred by QBICO

Benefits for the Customer

The use of Power BI Multitenant brings many benefits to our customers:


  • Savings on Power BI license costs
  • Secure sharing of sensitive data
  • The same reports for employees and people outside the organization – time savings related to preparing and sharing reports

Examples of Use

Power BI Multitenant finds application in various industries and business models. The solution may be useful for:

  • Accounting and settlement departments in any company: sharing interactive invoice attachments
  • Franchise networks: sharing sales, commission reports, etc. with franchisees
  • Companies offering SSAS cloud solutions (software as a service): sharing Power BI reports with SSAS customers in commercialized applications available in the cloud.


There are several basic ways to share reports with people outside the organization, but none of them is perfect.

Sharing Method


Guest account in organization+Premium Per Capacity High costs
Guest account in organization+Power BI license in parent organization People outside the organization may not have a Power BI license
Preparing a solution based on Power BI Embedded High entry costs, difficult access to specialists with unique competencies
Sending a pbix file by email Potential security risks, little user convenience. Solution difficult to apply in the case of large reports
Sending PDF files by email Static reports without the possibility of interaction, potential laboriousness in converting reports to PDF

If none of the above methods are satisfactory, we encourage you to contact us to present the Power BI Multitenant offer.

In the basic sales model, the costs associated with Power BI licenses depend on the number of users. In large organizations, it may happen that a large number of users use Power BI incidentally, or only consume content shared in reports. In such cases, the Power BI Multitenant solution will help reduce costs. Contact us to find out how much your organization can save.

Unaware users often send reports in pbix format by email, which carries the risk of a security/GDPR incident. A much better solution is to use the Power BI Multitenant tool.

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