Data warehouse

About the project

The subject of this project was to maintain and optimize the Business Intelligence system for one of big players in the tourism sector. has been present on the Polish market since 2001, offering the sales of vacation packages, plane tickets and hotel bookings, as well as some additional services. The company is known as an industry leader and has received many awards, e.g. in the “Tourism in the Internet” Category.

Our partner,, has dozens of agencies in many Polish cities and thousands of clients online, so they want their BI system to be reliable and able to meet the information needs of their decision-makers. In the many years of cooperation with, the QBICO experts provided the company with Business Intelligence services, helping to resolve various business problems.

Business Intelligence Services

This is expert support at each stage of the BI system life, from the preliminary examination of requirements through the implementation of the solution to its maintenance.

The basic goal of these services is to ensure proper and continuous operation of the system, as well as its further development, which allows for the effective use of the data contained in the system in the longer term without regard to changes the company and market go through.

IT Outsourcing

Thanks to the choice of the IT outsourcing, the client does not have to engage their HR staff, which helps reduce costs while maintaining the high quality of services.

We provide dynamically created teams with the size and expertise level adjusted to the current needs of our clients.

Such way of an agile project execution allows for high quality of services without incurring large costs.

Cooperation details

In the many years of cooperation with, QBICO experts have provided the company with Business Intelligence services including those related to designing new areas of data and functionalities in terms of CRM reporting and the analyses of revenues and expenditures, employee leaves, survey results. This way, the client obtained comprehensive support in their key performance areas.

What is more, QBICO provides advanced reports created upon request on the basis of the data selected by the client. Such personalized reports give the exact information that the client needs and enhance decision making. As a result, the BI system gets a really useful tool tailored to the needs of the client.

During cooperation with the company, our responsibilities, as a BI solution provider, included the resolution of problems encountered by business users and the elimination of inconsistencies, as well as the current optimization of reports and ETL process functioning.

What was achieved and introduced

  • Data warehouse
  • Automation

  • ZORRO system
  • Reporting

  • On-line training platform
  • System for accounts

Aims and benefits achieved

Business optimization

The enhancement of business processes and the facilitation of decision making thanks to the provision of access to valuable data in the BI system, as well as the continuous operation of the system.

Costs reduction

The reduction of organizational costs thanks to delivering advanced operations related to the control of the BI system to the experienced business partner.

Professional reporting

Precise reports complied in accordance to the client’s requirements and preferences, helping to turn data into information and knowledge, and consequently leading to more efficient management.

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Accounts automation
Deputy Director for Accounts

The automation process implemented by QBICO allowed us to save time and optimize financial settlements within the company.

Project Department Manager

Thanks to cooperation with QBICO we can rest easy, with no worries regarding data consistency in projects.