Project details of the data warehouse for education

The data warehouse for education is a project carried out in 2020 by the VULCAM company in cooperation with the QBICO experts. The introduced system allows for the dynamic gain of data from source systems such as Worksheet, Remuneration or UONET+, thanks to which the administration employees have access to a set of automatically generated reports and key indicators which help to monitor the state of the education system in territorial units.

The advantage of the data warehouse for education is the organization of chaotic data drawn from dispersed field systems and their automatic updates. Thanks to this solution, the education system resources were saved and the need for manual transfer of data to territorial units was eliminated.

Business Intelligence Services

This is expert support at each stage of the BI system life, from the preliminary examination of requirements through the design and implementation of the solution to its maintenance.

The basic goal of these services is to ensure the proper and continuous operation of the system, as well as its further development and maintenance, which allows for the effective use of the data contained in the system in the longer term without regard to changes the company and market go through.

Cooperation details

QBICO has been cooperating with VULCAN in the field of Business Intelligence systems and data processing for several years. During the execution of projects, our consultants had the opportunity to show their technical expertise regarding data warehouse design and implementation, and all the works were carried out with proper reliability and accuracy.

Apart from the introduction of the BI tools such as desktops, ad hoc analyses and static reports, QBICO helped to keep control over the quality of data and their standardization. We also organized training courses on system operation for end users, to which the introduced tools were addressed.

The main recipients and beneficiaries of the data warehouse for education project were those who supervise educational system employees, e.g. mayor, president or division director. Thanks to the system, they have access to the most important data, any time they need it.

What was achieved and introduced

  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting

  • Ad hoc comparisons
  • ETL processes
  • Data warehouse

  • Efficiency rate
  • Score card
  • Salaries simulation

Benefits obtained through the project

Increased control and better access to data

The introduced BI system was adjusted to the needs of clients so that it could provide access to key information required by the individual territorial units. Thanks to our improvements, the control over the correctness of data improved, and the incremental collection of data provides historic analyses, including those of the time changes in rate values.

Process automation

The value obtained through the implementation of data warehouse for education is undoubtedly the automation of processes. Data is updated automatically from the source systems, which helps save both financial and human resources and eliminates the need for manual data transfer.

Better reporting

Thanks to the improvement in the reporting process, the time needed to prepare data compilations was shortened and the possibility to prepare them in one tool using data from different field system was created. This allowed for the cross-referencing of data from different areas, which, in turn, leads to a better quality of strategic decisions.

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Accounts automation
Deputy Director for Accounts

The automation process implemented by QBICO allowed us to save time and optimize financial settlements within the company.

Data warehouse
Financial Director

The data warehouse maintained by QBICO enabled us to make conscious data-based business decisions.