Business intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a process of transferring data into information and then into knowledge, which allows managers to make the best business decisions.

BI can be understood as a combination of system architecture, applications and data bases, which together make it possible to carry out analyses, transformations which provide business users with necessary knowledge in a real time.

The benefits of introducing BI tools include, e.g., the consolidation of data and the possibility to analyze them on different levels of detail, which, as a result, increases the efficacy of management and provides support for the achievement of business goals.

How we implement BI projects


One of our key values at QBICO is the openness to change, because we know well that a proper reaction and dynamic adaptation to changing conditions is much more relevant than sticking to a rigid schedule. This is why our projects are implemented in accordance with Agile project management methods, which allow for greater flexibility and product cost optimization. It also gives our clients the ability to actively participate in the process and have greater control over the implementation of the project.

We are conscious that the project documentation, tools and processes are important when it comes to projects related to the processing of personal data. We also understand that communication with a client is of key importance. This is why we prefer real and direct cooperation, which allows us to get reliable and transparent information and, as a result, we are able to better understand your business needs and offer you tailored solutions.

Support and help of specialists


We are an expert company consisting of specialists with many years of experience and wide expertise in Business Intelligence systems, data processing and IT services. Apart from our basic services, we also provide the support of consultants specializing in controlling, GDPR or data safety and consistency.

Technologies we use

Power BI
MS SQL Server
Reporting Services
Integration Services

Analysis Services

What we offer


As QBICO we deliver dynamically created teams consisting of our highly skilled specialists, working in 1-2-week sprints accordingly to the agile project management methods. Such a style of work allows our clients to efficiently benefit from our specialists’ expertise without generating high costs. Apart from designing, introducing and developing data processing systems, the QBICO offer comprises counseling services that include the preparation of documentation. We also offer constant support and long-term maintenance over the implemented projects and Business Intelligence systems.

Frequently asked questions

The Business Intelligence system is most frequently based on data warehouses. It includes data, applications, transformations, as well as data analyses and visualizations.

This depends on many factors. This is why the facts will vary depending on the specification and the scale of the project, the complexity of the requirements and the challenges that need to be faced. The costs of the Business Intelligence system should include the required infrastructure (local or cloud-based), license costs, analysis as well as costs of creating the documentation.

Costs and implementation time of the project directly depend on the scale of the enterprise. Each implementation consists of different elements and requires individual analyses. This is why the entire process may take from a few weeks to several months, based on the complexity and difficulty of the challenges to be faced.

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