MS Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a professional Business Intelligence software from Microsoft, allowing to carry out advances business analyses using elastic and intuitive tools.


The software enables the visualization of data and the monitoring of key efficacy indicators thanks to dashboards containing, e.g., charts, reports, tables and graphs, which allows for easier information acquisition, as well as makes it easy to draw conclusions, which, as a result, helps managers make better business decisions.

The automation of business processes with this tool contributes to time and resource savings – both financial and human.

Why Power BI?


Microsoft has been the leader in Business Intelligence tools and data analysis for several years. This can be proven by the annual report compiled by the Gartner research company, in which Power BI is in first place, with a significant advantage over its competitors. On the one hand, this stems from the fact that Power BI offers a far greater potential for adjustment than alternative solutions such as Tableau or Qlik.

Distribute analyses and access them from anywhere you are, using Power BI Desktop and Power BI Pro services. Cooperate and create reports with partners, and then publish and share them in any place and time and on any device.

We focus on data quality


In cases where reports and visualizations are based on diverse sources of data, the optimal solution is the implementation of a common repository such as a data warehouse. Then this repository becomes the source of data which directly powers Power BI. Such an architecture, allows to keep the order and the transparency of data, which contributes to the increased quality of reports and dashboards.


The example sourced of data used in Power BI

Data Warehouses
Excel Spreadsheets
Active Directory
ERP Systems

Google Analytics
SQL database
Dynamics 365



If you are struggling with imperfect manual reporting while working in the company or on a particular project or experience problems in terms of data visualization, Power BI may be the ideal solution. Professional support and assistance of QBICO experts will allow you to go through the implementation stage in a dynamic way and quickly benefit from improved reporting.

Frequently asked questions

Apart from support in reporting and data visualization, we, as a Microsoft partner, offer a software license. Users can choose among the free Power BI Desktop version, Power BI Pro for $ 9.99/ month per user or Power BI Premium. The cost of the Premium license depends on dedicated computing resources and a cloud-based warehouse, which is much more costly than the Pro version. The pricelist and the comparison of these models can be found at on the manufacturer’s website. It is also worth noting that the Power BI Pro license is already in the Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan, so its users don’t have to incur any additional costs.

At QBICO, we implement projects in accordance with agile project management methods and good practices in working with data ( Each project is handled by a team of specialists with size and expertise adjusted to the client’s current needs. At the beginning, we invite you to a call on a quick on-line meeting, which gives us the possibility to understand your situation and propose optimal solutions tailored to your needs.

With Power BI you can access data drawn from hundreds of local and cloud-based data sources, such as: Dynamics 365, Salesforce, OneDrive, Azure SQL DB or Excel and SharePoint programs.

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